5 Things you should Never Do to get your App Well Marked for

5 Things you should Never Do to get your App Well Marked for

If you have an app uploaded to some store, then app ranking are a category that would concern you. As a result you may need to know few thing you should never do to keep your app in the safe zone. Be the good one and remember the following simple advices to keep your app’s rank as high as possible.

  • Disregarding the reviews

The first mistake you would do is disregarding the reviews, thinking that your app is perfect. The moment you do that is the moment you stop developing your app and thus, the moment to start failing. Always read the reviews and get feedback from you customers to enhance your app.

  • Getting angry

Instead of disregarding the reviews, you decided to give them a look. If you found some annoying review, then you may want to consider taking a deep breath. Don’t get angry. Consider these reviews as a feedback to modify and improve your app. You are much stronger than being hurt by some annoying review.

  • Stop modifying

If you stopped modifying your app then people will stop downloading it once they found someone better than yours. Being the best for today doesn’t mean you will be the best the whole time. It doesn’t take you to make a mistake so your app rank falls down. It only takes you to stop while the others are still trying to improve their apps.

  • Stop innovating

Modifying your app to make it faster and more accurate is inevitable necessity. However, it is not just modifying the existing technology that you should be caring about, but also adding new innovated functionalities. You also may want to consider modifying the description from time to time. The same thing goes for the screenshots.

  • Giving up

App development is a hard task. Marketing it could be even harder. With huge number of different apps on the different app stores, your new app would have very little chance to be discovered by someone. And here comes the important roles of the keywords, description, title and screenshots. If your app has been published for a long time and it was never downloaded, then you would like considering making changes to the mentioned affecting factors. Remember that giving up wouldn’t give you any added value. However, a logical and organized systematic solution for the problem would give your app a good push in the world of app store rankings.