8 Worst Things You Can Do On a Burnaby Golf Course

8 Worst Things You Can Do On a Burnaby Golf Course

If you this the first time for you on a Burnaby golf course, then you probably don’t know a lot about golf etiquette. A Vancouver realtor friend told me these things. We created this list to tell you about the worst things you could ever do on a golf course:


  1. Stepping on someone’s line:

It is not just about the foot mark you leave on the grass but it is also about respect. You should respect others, even if it is just a game.


  1. Gouging the green:

Whether it is an honest mistake or an act of frustration, slamming your putter against the grass is a big offence. You might also take a chunk of the green next to the hole and everything gets more difficult for others.


  1. Hitting into a slow group ahead of you:

No matter how slow the other group is, you should wait until they are done. You can’t just push through even if they are keeping everybody behind. There should be some kind of supervision on the course for these issues, but if there is no one to handle the situation then you should ask the other group very politely if you could go through.


  1. Keeping another group behind:

If your group is slowing another group behind then you will probably see it clearly. You might see them waiting for you staring in your direction. If this is the case, then you should allow them to play through.


  1. Forgetting to replace your divots:

Take the time to replace your divot. It might not seem like much, but on the long run you are helping the golf course to stay neat for a long time.


  1. Giving advice that wasn’t asked for:

You might want to do it out of good heart, but the truth is that nobody really appreciates that. In fact even if someone asks you for your advice you should refrain from giving it. But doing it without being asked to is a totally different story.


  1. Throwing your clubs:

Again it might be just an act of frustration. But actually makes you look like a total fool. In addition to the fact that it could be dangerous, you don’t know where your clubs will land.


  1. Getting drink:

Many people believe that golf and beer go together but the truth is that more than 1000 Americans get injured every month in drinking related golf accidents. It is not just about the ball but you also drive a golf cart. You should be very careful when doing both.


Now that you are all set, we think that your next trip to a Burnaby golf course will be better than ever.