Computing grades made easy

So, I started using a weighted grade calculator, and I can just say that it has made final exam season a way better time for me, in general. To be fair, final exam season used to be out of hell for me, and now it’s just less hellish. It’s not like it’s some kind of vacation, but it certainly has helped me gain perspective on things. For example, I used to worry that I was going to watch Final again I’m so badly that my grades would suffer and that I would never forgive myself. These are literally the types of thoughts I would have.Now, because of this calculator, I know that if my grades are good enough, it takes a whole lot of failure for them to suffer tangibly by doing poorly on a  final exam. Not only that, but I know the exact number of percentage points I have to achieve to maintain the great I want. Now, the seems I could become and sense, but the thing that makes it so complicated this the fact that it seems that each teacher has their own bizarre way of prioritizing all of the aspects and elements of marking. Things like participation, in class assignments, homework, small quizzes, midterms come and finals are always slightly different it seems. The variables are unique in interesting ways, but it makes it hard to speculate sometimes, and just how important your final exam is. Like, even if you know that it’s worth 20% of your grade, it’s still hard to picture how badly you would need to do for your GPA to fall to a place where you wouldn’t be comfortable with, or vice versa, where you don’t understand how well you have to do to get your GPA to where it needs to be.