Enhancing a nice photo

You know, there’s no such thing as a camera filter for the guitar. You just have to get your fingers used to the pain of holding down steel strings, and learn all these complex formulas. There is no camera filter for learning to be a carpenter, though there are easy guide books and things like that, photography, conceivably, anybody could fluke out and take a really great photograph… Especially now that mobile technology has advanced how it is, and anyone can take a high quality photo, and then begin editing it by adding a camera filter and beginning to mess around with the settings, you know the brightness, Shadow, highlights, sharpness, grid, things like that. You can add a vignette around a, or you cannot. It’s pretty easy. I think it’s so interesting that this form has become so democratized, and not only that that people really are not into that at all. I mean, that the current professional photographers are really threatened by the amateurs. I think that’s so interesting. Basically, I think the burden of responsibility falls on the current professionals. Amateurism is getting to such an extremely high level, which it is, we’re all it takes is one person, a camera filter collection, and their cell phone to take an amazing photograph, and for others to find that photograph using hashtags and platforms and apps, which, conceivably, is borrowing for work, or stealing it I should say, from established professionals, I should just say that it seems we’re in a really good place of progress and society, and I wouldn’t be upset about that at all.