Tech review for the 360fly camera

According to those who regularly review 360 degree cameras, below are reviews that the 360fly camera received for 2016

Ease of sharing pictures

With the 360fly camera it is unbelievably easy to share the experience online using only your phone. This is because within the 360fly app, you can edit your video clips and share them to Twitter, Facebook, or even with a few taps. If you want to go further, you can upload your clips to the 360fly website from your computer. Since the 360fly website will automatically generate an embed code for you, posting exciting videos to your own blog is as easy as embedding a YouTube clip. Therefore, viewers can freely scroll through a scene in full 360 degrees, exploring almost any point of view.

Ease of mounting

Whether you want to mount the 360fly camera on a bike, car, or just carry it around it is easy to do so. The mounting accessories of the 360fly camera is innovative and can be mounted just on anything, allowing you to film on the go without stressing yourself. It is also important to mention that you can mount the 360fly camera on other camera stands (e.g. the GoPro). So, even if you are considering the amount it will take to acquire both the camera and the stand, don’t worry the 360fly is a considerate company.

Ease of viewing videos

You can view your recorded videos like a regular video by moving your phone around to enable you see different parts of the 360-degree capture. To do this, hold the phone straight ahead in front of you, then, keeping your phone in front of your face, spin your body around to see behind you. This automatically helps you see other parts of the video that were not visible before, making you feel like you moving around inside the video scene. This can better be done better with a Google Cardboard VR viewer. All you need to do is put the app into VR mode and then as you move your head around, this will result in the screen actually showing the point of view you’d be looking at if you were actually there inside the scene. According to one reviewer “it expertly delivers that all too elusive sense of immersion”.

Other things that makes the 360fly camera superior to its competitors are its 32G of internal memory and its very light nature (4.87 pounds). It also has a better battery life (+2 hours) in comparison to other cameras.