Working Online



I have been working online for over a year now. I am so fascinated with being a digital nomad because I get to travel the world without hesitations. I can work anytime, anywhere, without having a physical boss to always look on the way I work. I work as a writer and a virtual assistant for a very nice agency and I am so happy I get to work with people remotely. Last month, I decided to add another service to my job as I travel the world. I have been an enthusiast of photography and I want to venture in this industry in the coming months so i can also add it to my travel fund. I started with doing free shoots of people where I travel. I have also invested in a nice DLSR so i can capture great images. Aside from this, I am planning to invest more on gadgets. My pal said I should try saving for a 360 grad kamera so i can add this to my photography skills. I know clients will be delighted if I offer another service such as photography where I can give them a whole view of their resort/ hotel/ or whatever they want for coverage. I am so excited to open this new door for me in the coming months! Would you like to recommend a travel gadget for me, especially in photography?